Advancing Early Learning & Development Through Collaborative Family Engagement

Getting Ready is an evidence-based family engagement approach that increases school readiness among children ages 5 and younger who participate in home visitation or center-based early childhood programs. The collaborative approach supports children’s learning and development by strengthening relationships among children, parents and educators.

Getting Ready Results

The Getting Ready Approach has built strong evidence of its effectiveness through rigorous research trials beginning in 2004 — with positive impacts on children, families and educators.

Research shows the Getting Ready Approach:

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Facilitates children’s learning and development

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Supports dynamic parent-child relationships

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Promotes strong educator-parent partnerships

The Getting Ready Approach focuses on supporting children’s learning and development through collaborative family engagement.

Getting Ready Response

Over the years, the response to Getting Ready has been consistently and overwhelmingly positive from early childhood educators.

  • "I feel like my conversations with the parent just flow better. We get more information from each other." Classroom Educator
  • "I learned how to not just to use my information but also take the parents information and collaborate together to set goals." Preschool Educator
  • "We set the standard that we’re partners in this. I’m not just a teacher and you’re not just a parent, we’re together." Classroom Educator
  • I am more confident in myself and my skills. My coach made it easy for me to be more comfortable in my visits. Home Visitor