Evidence & Impact

Getting Ready has built strong evidence of its effectiveness across a variety of early childhood settings.

Key Research Findings

Evidence shows the Getting Ready Approach is:

  • Effective: Getting Ready has positive effects on children’s school readiness and family engagement, demonstrated through three rigorous research trials.
  • Reliable: Getting Ready can be implemented reliably, according to observed behaviors of home visitors and teachers during their interactions with families.
  • Favorable: Getting Ready is viewed favorably by early childhood educators, according to participant reports.

Positive Impacts on Children, Parents and Educators

In a 2019 study, participants in the treatment group experienced improvements in skills and relationships when compared to counterparts who did not participate.

Children demonstrated improved:

  • Social-emotional competencies
  • Self-regulation
  • Language and early literacy skills

Educators and parents demonstrated enhanced:

  • Ability to work constructively together to strengthen children’s learning
  • Capacity to build positive parent-child relationships

Parents demonstrated more:

  • Warmth and sensitivity
  • Skills to support children’s learning and autonomy
  • Appropriate guidance and directives


Evidence suggests the Getting Ready Approach is viewed by early childhood educators in the field, including preschool teachers, home visitation personnel, and program administrators. Hear how Getting Ready has made a difference in their work and relationships with families:

  • "I feel like my conversations with the parent just flow better. We get more information from each other." Classroom Educator
  • "I learned how to not just to use my information but also take the parents information and collaborate together to set goals." Preschool Educator
  • "We set the standard that we’re partners in this. I’m not just a teacher and you’re not just a parent, we’re together." Classroom Educator
  • I am more confident in myself and my skills. My coach made it easy for me to be more comfortable in my visits. Home Visitor