About Getting Ready

The Getting Ready program was developed in 2004 by faculty at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and has been evaluated in three randomized controlled trials.

From left, Lisa Knoche, Susan Sheridan, Helen Raikes, Christine Marvin and Leslie Hawley


The Getting Ready program was developed in 2004 by faculty at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. It has been evaluated in three randomized controlled trials.

Given its strong evidence, Getting Ready has been adopted by the Nebraska Part C Services for Infants/Toddlers as their model for implementing quality home visitation services and is being scaled statewide.

It is also part of South Dakota’s early intervention programming. Getting Ready is part of the Nebraska Preschool Development Grant and is being expanded across the state of Nebraska in home visiting and center-based programs.

Research to Practice

Getting Ready has a strong record of success — not just overtime, but across across early childhood settings and with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The intervention’s solid research foundation, coupled with its flexibility to meet real-world needs, have enabled it to leap from research to practice.

Timeline of Getting Ready’s Growth (2004 to Today)


  • Beginning in 2004, the intervention has been extensively tested and refined in three research trials spanning 17 years.


  • In 2017, Getting Ready moved successfully from the research stage to adoption by early childhood programs, thanks to the strong evidence of effectiveness and flexibility of the approach for use with diverse children, families and educators.


  • Today, Getting Ready continues to expand its reach to support educators who work with young children and their families in homes, centers and preschools.

Getting Ready Personnel

Meet the Team

Lisa Knoche, Ph.D.

Lisa Knoche, Ph.D. Director

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Tamara Hechtner-Galvin

Tamara Hechtner-Galvin Project Coordinator

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Sandra Scruggs

Sandra Scruggs Early Childhood Research Technician

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Katie Zabel

Katie Zabel Early Childhood Coach

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The Getting Ready Developers

Susan Sheridan, Ph.D. Director of the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS), UNL

Carolyn Pope Edwards, Ph.D. (posthumous) Professor Emerita of Psychology and Child, Youth and Family Studies, UNL

Lisa Knoche, Ph.D. Director of the Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research and CYFS Co-Director, UNL

Christine Marvin, Ph.D. Professor Emerita of Special Education and Communication Disorders, UNL